The BOLD Project

We are now inviting back our previous participants from the BOLD project for a follow-up study. Please click HERE to register your interest.

We know some children have problems learning language, but we do not know why. Studying the brain gives us clues about why some children have problems and some children don’t. Now that you’re older, we want to use MRI again to see how it has changed since your last scan. This will help us answer questions about how the brain changes during the teenage years. Plus, it can help us learn how the brain changes are related to the changes in language learning.

A big thank you to all of our wonderful participants and their families for making our research possible. We continue to share ongoing results from our previous project in this space. Be sure to check it out!

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We are also looking for adolescents (11-17 year olds) with Developmental Language Disorder to take part in an online study (Treasure Hunt). Find out more by clicking the link HERE