Frequently Asked Questions

Our (empty) MRI scanner!

Our (empty) MRI scanner

What’s it like inside an MRI scanner?

For the scan you’ll lie on a bed, which will move into the scanner tube. Being inside the scanner can be noisy, so we’ll give you earplugs to wear. You’ll be able to see a TV screen, where we can play movies or games. It’s not dark inside the scanner, and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable before we start the scan.


How long does an MRI scan take?

Our scan sessions take about an hour. Each scan is about 5-10 minutes, and we can speak to you in between scans.


What do I have to wear to have a scan?

It’s really important that you don’t take any metal into the scanner with you, so before you go in we’ll ask you to change into special clothes that look like loose pyjamas, which we know don’t have any metal on them.

2018-03-26 16.09.59

Our volunteer Abby wearing her scan ‘pyjamas’


Can I talk while I’m in the scanner?

For some of the time inside the scanner, we’ll ask you to lie quietly or play some games. You’ll have breaks where you can talk to the researchers, and hear what they’re saying too.


Will I be hurt if I move inside the scanner?

No, moving inside the scanner won’t hurt you. However, it will make the pictures we’re taking blurry, so we ask you to stay still while you’re being scanned.


Can I get out of the scanner if I don’t like it?

Yes! Before you go into the scanner, you’ll be given a rubber ball that you can squeeze to set off an alarm. This will let the researchers know if you’re not happy during the scan. We can stop the scan at any time if you’re not comfortable.


Do MRI scans use radiation?

No, no radiation is used for the scanning.