What have our participants said?



Abby, 10, recently went into the scanner for us. You can see some pictures of her dressed in her pyjamas, and going into the scanner with our scan operator, Nico. Here’s what Abby had to say about her experience afterwards:


Abby’s mum: Abby, what was the scanner like?

Abby: It was very loud! It made a noise like “boom boom, buh boom buh boom”. But it was  all muffled because I had earplugs in.

Abby’s mum: And was it dark? Could you see anything?

Abby: I could see – in fact, I could see the TV screen behind me.

Abby’s mum: What were the games you played in the scanner like?

Abby: They were okay. It was like just pressing buttons. It was easy, mostly.

Abby’s mum: And what would you tell other children about going in the scanner?

Abby: They should do it because it’s quite cool! You literally go inside a doughnut with no jam.


Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 15.28.15.png